Benedetto Bonaffini

Benedetto BonaffiniMy name is Benedetto Bonaffini, I was born in Sicily and I live in Turin for thirty years. I arrived in this city immediately after high school to attend the European Institute of Design. The work took me to the communication, marketing and advertising sector, where I deal in particular with the commercial aspect. I am a founding member of a communication agency that deals mainly with the web and social media.

I have a great passion for painting, I have always painted… I started with my grandmother Maria, an enthusiastic, creative and tireless woman. She was a teacher and deeply loved her work and her students. She was constantly looking for interesting and creative projects to propose to her students, she worked a lot at home after the morning at school and I helped her with paper, colors, glue, pencils, chalk, I lost myself in a world of fantastic images and traveled with her, between poems, distant places and new discoveries... Painting makes me happy. When I paint, I immerse myself in a soft, timeless space that expands, transforms, detaches from physical reality, a space that is only mine and that gives me energy and peace. Until a few years ago painting was something totally private, in very few relatives and friends knew of this passion, which I never thought to share with others. Perhaps the need to express my thoughts in a moment of sadness, prompted me to publish a post to which I attached the image of my painting. I had a social profile for years that I used very little, that evening I used it as a space for venting, without expectations, a bit like when you talk to yourself...

There were so many people listening, who participated with comments and reflections, it was a positive and hearty experience... From that moment, I started to regularly publish images of my paintings and thoughts, sharing has become an extremely vital and positive experience, which has led me in a few years to meet many people, to establish new relationships, to create opportunities for meeting with those who have the same passion as me. I have participated in group shows, known artists, art lovers, I exhibited in many places in my area.

A very important project was the foundation of Magicatorino, an artistic association that aims to promote art in all its forms and support the work of Piedmont artists, the project is born from an idea of Barbara Colombotto Rosso and has become concrete with a group of artists and dear friends (take a look at

What else to say, I hope that my paintings will communicate emotions and that they will be able to generate them. If you are near Turin it will be a pleasure to welcome you in my office/house and have a chat with you.